Part Drawing

4.1.3 Part Drawing
Function of the Part Drawing is an audit check suitability dimension in the calculation, knowing the material needs, the process used. Lower clamping bracket
The execution is used:
- Shearing is the process of cutting sheets of plate using two cutting punch and dies, only to produce two parts and produces no dust or Bram
- Pearching is the process of making a hole in the form of circles or other shapes.
- Notching is the process of cutting the edge which does not happen all the cutting edge, only occur in two or three sides.
- Is the formation of sheets of plate bending by pressing the appropriate angle we want. Pemuluran only occurs in regions penekukan axis (bending axist). Calculation of arch length and width of the cover frame
The formula used to calculate the length:
(Donaldson, Cyril, 1983; 737)
B: length of arc on the neutral axis (mm)
: Bending angle in degree
t: thickness of material (cm)
Rd: Radius
K: constant for the location of neutral axis
to Rd ≤ 2t, k = 0.33
Rd ≤ 2t, k = 0.5
Wide expanse
So the size expanse before penekukan process are:
Determine the point of bending:
Checking stretch at point bending
Machines used:
- Machine Cut (Shearing).
- CNC Punching Machine / Dies.
- CNC Bending Machine
- Press Brake Machine Calculation of Cut Style
Style for the cutting process is calculated using the formula:
(Luchinger, HR, 1984: 93-112)
Fp: Style cut (N)
L: Length of the cut (mm)
t: thickness of material (mm)
σ: tensile stress material (N/mm2)
For the formula used to calculate the bending force
(Luchinger, H.R. 1984: 93-112)
Fb: bending force (N)
L: Length of bending (mm)
t: thickness of bending (mm)
σt: tensile material:?
Penekukan style in the mold
t: plate thickness: 0.8
W: width of die (die opening): 1.6

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