abstraction and formulation

Once the specification is obtained, then the measures of abstraction and formulation, which aims to determine which parts of the specification which is an important part and are generally accepted.

During the steps of abstraction and formulation, the important thing to note is that distinguishes a requirement, whether as a demand (Demand) or desire (Wishes)

Demand (requirement) is requirements must be fulfilled in every condition, or in other words if the conditions are not met then the design to be false / failure.

Whises is desired requirements when possible. For example, a requirement which requires high cost, without giving effect great technique, so these requirements can be removed / ignored.

This made the formulation of action steps that will be adjusted with the consumer and / or part wishes Production Planning (Product Planning Department)

The works performed include:

a) Gather information / data associated with the planning, checking any constraints faced.
b) Checking the will-the will of others who can support their work.
c) Adding a specific will of the company
d) Formulate a task that faced so be in accordance with designer sunglasses.
The work is the list obtained by the Will / requirements list. This will list should not be bound by the solution (the solution)
List of the will is an important document, a basic step in executing other work. Hence the will of the list should always be reviewed and updated. Important discoveries may arise in the design process as a result of modifications or additions to the list will.
The importance of the list will cause the handle must be orderly and systematic. List of the will which has been handled regularly and systematically in a format called specifications.
STEP 2 After specifications are obtained carried abstraction and formulation.
The purpose of abstraction is to determine which parts of the specification which is an important part and are generally accepted.
Abstraction and formulation will make it easier to determine the functions and structure functions.
Abstraction and the formulation is as follows:
1. Desire / whises omitted.
2. Imperatives / Demands that does not determine the function of temporarily discarded.
3. Quantitative scale was changed to a qualitative scale.
4. Formulate abstraction 1-3.
5. Formulate a solution abstractions 4

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