Sub-Structure Function

The structure of the overall function is still unclear, so it needs to be clarified again by decomposing into subfungsi Function and Structure Function Working Section Table
In this section we shall determine the functions and structure, first note the main elements involved in the system Work Table.
The main elements of the workbench:
1. Support leg:
- Upper leg support
- Lower leg support
2. Stopper bolt
3. Cable channel
4. Long beam
5. Modesty panel
6. Cover:
- Upper cover
- Frame cover
7. Foot Plug
8. Upper pipe plug
9. Adjuster bolt
10. Desk top. Function part in terms of leg support elements
Need to find a solution to the principle of support leg shape and size to be able to withstand the load, can be up and down it and wonderful views. Function evaluated from the stopper element bolt.
Need to find a solution principle for shape, size and position of the stopper bolt so it can lock the height of the table.
Function section Cable channel viewed from the elements
Necessary to find solutions to shape the principles and positions, so power than the cable cannel be sturdy workbench. Function evaluated from the long beam elements
Necessary to find solutions to shape the principles and positions, power than the beam so long to be sturdy workbench. Functions of elements of the review panel Modesty
Necessary to find solutions to shape the principles and positions, so power than a sturdy workbench.

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    Abstraction IV Work Tables

    On abstraction IV is a step further by formulating abstractions III to the more common form. The result is a workbench IV abstraction that can dinaik-down height, with a proportional size and comfortable to use and meet the criteria of beauty with an inexpensive manufacturing cost.

    Work Table V Abstraction

    On Abstraction V is a step to neutralize the problem by formulating the task becomes free solution.

    Results Abstraction Work Table V is the sizes that meet the required standards of the industry.

    3.2.4 Function Structure

    The structure function is defined as the general relationship between input and output of an engineering system that will run a particular task, while the overall function is the usefulness of a tool. Overall function is then elaborated into several sub-functions that have a lower difficulty level. So that the sub function is a task to be executed by the components that make up these tools. Concatenation of multiple sub-functions to perform an overall task is called the structure functions.

    The objective function is a set structure to obtain a clear definition of the existing sub-systems so that could be elaborated separately. Overall Function

    This function is depicted with a block diagram showing the relationship between inputs and outputs where the inputs and outputs in the form of energy flow, material and signal.

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    Determination of Concept Design (Conceptual Design)

    As discussed in the design of this concept includes, creation of functional structures, the search for solutions and the combination principle, the selection of appropriate combinations, creating variants of the concept, as well as evaluation. Determining the function and structure (Determine Their Functions and Structures) Structure of Entire Functions (Overalle Function)

    After the main problems are known, then made the overall function of the structure. The structure of this function is depicted with a block diagram showing the relationship of inputs and outputs. Input and output of energy flow, material or signal. Sub Function

    If the overall function is quite complicated, it is a way to anticipate it divides into several sub-functions as in Figure 2.4 below.

    This division will provide benefits:

    - Provide the possibility to conduct further search solutions.

    - Provide several possible solutions to see the combination of sub-function solutions.

    At the time of manufacture of the structure functions, should be distinguished between pure design (original design) with the redesign (adaptive design).
    On the basis of pure design of the structure and function is a specification of the main problems, are starting to redesign the design of the structure function was then analyzed.
    This analysis will provide the possibility for the development of various solutions in order to obtain new solutions.

    In this step be taken:
    - Define the functions
    At first, the overall function, then if necessary function of the (sub-functions). This function is then organized into functional structures, which are the basis for seeking a solution principle.
    The results obtained are working:
    One or several functions Structure / Function structure.
    Structure functions are usually pictures or simple diagrams.

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