In the industrial world, designing a product that can meet the criteria and the consumer wants is a must. One of the science which was closely related to the above is a system of VDI 2221 is one of the engineering science that deals with a systematic approach to engineering and technical products.
Final Project seeks to apply the system in the 2221 VDI design desk height adjustable.By using the steps listed in VDI 2221, several product variants are analyzed including check lists to guide specifications, create a structure function for the parts, and combine the principle of seeking a solution, choosing the appropriate combinations, making the product variant, choose the best combination, made part catalog, assy, sub assy, part drawing, determine the material requirements, analyze the process of, machinery and measuring instruments used and the calculation of power desk.
From the results it obtained the design desk of proportional size, 1600 x 800 x 730/850, frame table made of iron pipes and sheet metal thickness, shape and specially designed construction ensures reliability in quality and convenience in use, cover the foot table with a specially designed form which gives the appearance of "exclusive" and ensure security.
CHAPTER I Introduction1.1 Background issues
Along with the progress of industrialization, a product is required not only has the technical functionality and beyond the physical needs, but also be able to answer the demands of the symbolic function, beauty, comfort, and convenience. The problem which then arises is why there are products to be superior to other products, while almost the same specifications. Above phenomenon causes a demand to change product designs that meet the criteria and the actual consumer desires in the market competition. The substance of the issue here is how to create a product that is practical, economical and convenient to use so as to meet customer needs. In an effort to meet the substance of the problem required the existence of a pattern of thinking (acting) systematic, creative formulated into a working method. The use of such methods will be able to solve all existing problems, because this method can realize the idea to produce a work of real and scientifically justifiable.
Supporting courses are closely related to the above is the "System VDI 2221" which is one of the engineering science which deals with "systematic approach to design, to systems engineering and product engineering." VDI 2221 reviewed the basic principles important to the approach to design .. Competition is going on in making the product very efektifity determined by the design process. Various kinds of needs to be adapted to the conditions of the company, market situation, and the development of technology. These three kinds of needs can be addressed by the method / system design VDI 2221. Objectives to be achieved by 2221 this VDI is to formulate and direct the various design methods are growing rapidly which is expected to produce a product that is reliable and efficient.
Overall employment measures contained in the 2221 VDI consists of seven steps, and clarify the task, determining the function and structure, seeking principles and structure solution, describe a variant that can be realized, giving shape to the module, details the creation and use. At this final duty the writer will explain and describe the VDI 2221, and then apply them in designing the desk height adjustable, making parts catalog, making assy, sub assy, part drawing, determine the size of dimensions, calculate material needs and strengths, making the Bill of materials, making process sheet, a process that used to work into finished products. The design of this background that the desk is very influential with the performance of the wearer. Therefore it is necessary designed a comfortable desk, practical and economical.
1.2 Design Goals
In the preparation of this final duty the writer has a purpose, the outline consists of 2 groups of academic goals and technical objectives.
1.2.1 The purpose of academic In accordance with the attachment to the institution PKSM, Department of Mechanical Engineering, the design aims:
a) To complete a graduation requirement S1 majoring in Mechanical Engineering University PKSM.
b) To achieve significant application knowledge gained in engineering courses in an integrated and planned in their respective fields in a form of scientific articles and systematic operations.
c) To improve the ability and creativity of writers during the education PKSM University.
1.2.2 Technical Objectives The technical objectives included are:
a) To design a practical desk and comfortable so that it can support the design objectives.
b) To find a profitable alternative, economical in manufacture.
c) To improve the quality of the product and create a better product

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