Product Design

Product design is a scientific field or profession that determine the shape / form of a manufactured product, process, shape to fit the wearer and in accordance with the ability of the manufacturing process in industries that production.basic objectives of all efforts made by a / a team of product designers in the works is to make life more comfortable, enjoyable, and efficient with human stady during activities at work, at home, or in other places. By studying the parts of products that directly interact with human users, it is expected other than to produce safe products to its users is also safe for the environment. At the end of the touch of a / team product designer who was born an elegant product that makes people want to buy it.
A product designer is expected to possess and develop the characteristics of creative, original, and have the ability in processing the form, capable of working together in multidisciplinary, familiar environment and cultural characteristics, controls applied in the field of ergonomics and marketing, and able presented ideas systematically and clearly.
product designers to develop and explore the wide scope of alternatives through drawings and models, then constrict design directionally by alternative selection through benchmark tests users' needs and manufacturing capabilities.
The term "Industrial Product Design" or "Industrial Design" first appeared in the early 20th century as a preliminary description of the creative process undertaken by the individual artist against goods produced in bulk. To overcome the complexity a mass production process, product designers in collaboration with other professions involved to produce, develop, and manufacture the product. Professions such as marketing experts, engineers, manufacturing engineers and programmers design software. Together with the science of human factors specialists, product designers conduct usability tests products to ensure that a product can meet the needs, desires, and expectations of users, and and they often rearrange the components or parts to make products more efficiently to produced and easy to be assembled, repaired and recycled.
A product designer must have and should have:
- Creative problem solving skills
- The ability to pour a concept with quick sketches
- Ability to communicate verbally and writing well
- Computer skills.
In addition, to face the competition and criticism of a product design is also basically has 6 important points:
1. Science (design of products - like those mentioned above)
2. Intellectual (scientific thinking skills, creative-innovative-alternative)
3. Talents (product concept, drawings, models, computer)
4. Participatory (the concept of problem solving. Plans and reviews, making decisions)
5. Speak Up (able to express an opinion)
6. Open Mind (able to accept the changes and inputs)

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