Clarification of Task

Overall employment measures contained within the VDI 2221 consists of 7 (seven) stage, which produces 7 (seven) the results of the work.

These seven steps are:
Clarification of Task
In step description of work task is performed and the formulation of a list of requirements that are tailored to the will of consumers and designers, who are expected to be met by the final solution. This information will be the reference preparation of specifications.
Specification is a list that contains requirements that are expected to be met by a concept that is being created.
To facilitate the preparation of specifications, can be done by reviewing certain aspects, such as aspects of the geometry, kinematics, force, energy and so on. Of these aspects can described the terms in question, then formulate a task that must be faced to become a designer suit with glasses.
This specification is an important document that becomes the basis for carrying out other work steps. Therefore, the specification should always be reviewed and updated. To facilitate the next phase of work, specifications should be done regularly and systematically.
Once the specification is obtained, then do the steps of abstraction and the formulation, which aims to determine which parts of the specification which is an important and generally applicable.
When performing the steps of abstraction and formulation, the important thing to note is that distinguishes a requirement, whether as a demand (Demand) or desire (Wishes)
Demand (requirement) is yng requirements must be met in any condition, or in other words if the requirements were not met then the design is invalid / failed.
Whises is desirable requirements if applicable. As an example of a condition requiring a high cost without a huge influence techniques, then these requirements can be removed / ignored.

This job step will be tailored to the formulation of consumer wish or the Planning and Production (Product Planning Department)

The works performed include:

a) Gather information / data relating to planning, examining obstacles faced anything.

b) Checking the will-the will of others who can support the work.

c) Adding a certain will of the company

d) Formulate the task at hand so that it becomes in accordance with designer glasses.

The work is the list obtained by the Will / requirements list. This list will be not tied up with a solution

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