Requirement List

List of the will is an important document, the basic steps in performing other work. Therefore a list of the will must always be reviewed and updated. Important discoveries can arise in the design process as a result of modifications or additions to the list of the will.

The importance of the list will cause the handling should be orderly and systematic. List of the will that has been handled regularly and systematically in a format called Specifications.

Having obtained the specifications do langkah2 abstraction and formulation.

The purpose of abstraction is to determine which part of the specification which is an important and generally applicable.

Abstraction and formulation will facilitate determining the function and structure function.

Abstraction and the formulation is as follows:

1. Desire / whises eliminated.

2. Imperatives / Demands that do not specify a function to temporarily discarded.

3. Quantitative scale was changed to a qualitative scale.

4. Formulate abstraction 1-3.

5. Formulate a solution abstraction 4.

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    jaylen watkins on November 25, 2011 at 4:02 AM said...

    I understand that list of the will has very prominent place.

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