work steps VDI 2221

Overall employment measures contained in the VDI 2221 consists of 7 (seven) stages, which are grouped into 4 (four) phases, namely:
1. Translation of Task (Clarification of Task)
These tasks include the translation of information about their problems and constraints faced. Then compiled a list of requirements regarding the design to be created.
2. Determination Concept Design (Conceptual Design)
On the Determination of concept design involved three phases of work are:
2.1 Determining the function and Strukurnya.
2.2 Finding Solutions Principles and structure.
2.3 Describe a variant that can be Realized.
3. The design realization (embodiment Design)
In the design of this realization begins by outlining the rancanganke in modules are followed by preliminary design and design finished.
4. Designing Details (Detail Design)

Detailed design of this is a design process in the form of images. Which includes an image that is composed and detailed images, including a list of components, material specifications, tolerances and many others. In this phase all the work can be documented so that the manufacture of products by the operator or engineer dilaksaanakan other ditumjuk.
Working steps are grouped into 4 (four) phases of the above can be described in the following flow chart:

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