Evaluation means determining the value, usefulness or power which is then compared with something dianggapa ideal.
In engineering, one commonly used method is the method of VDI 2225.
Broadly speaking, the steps taken are as follows:
1. Determining the evaluation criteria (Identification of evaluation criteria) that is based on the specifications are made.
2. Weighting criteria (Weighing of evaluation criteria)
This step is selected criteria that have a degree of influence is at the level of concept variants. Evaluation should focus on key properties desired in the final solution.
3. Determine the parameters of evaluation criteria (Compiling parameter)
In order for the comparison of each variant kosep can be seen clearly, then selected a parameter or a quantity that is used by a variant of the concept.
4. Inserting the parameter values ​​(Assesing value), the price should be included is the price nomonal, but if it is not possible, then VDI 2225 gives the price correlation and price tersebutsebagai qualitative examples are shown in Table 2.2 (Ref; G.Pahl-W.Bits, p. 350)
5. Determining the overall value of the variant concept (Determining Overall Weighing Value / OWV)
Overall value for concept variants can be calculated by the formula:
OWV = - W1 Vv
W1 = weight of evaluation criteria to the j
Vv = the value of evaluation criteria to the j

6. Estimating the uncertainty evaluation (Evaluation uncertainities)
Mistakes can be disebakan evaluation by several things, including:
- Errors subjective, such as a lack of information.
- Error calculation parameters.
7. If there is an adjacent OWV value of 2 (two) variants of the concept, then the evaluation will be a weak point (Weak Spot)
By using the above evaluation method, it is expected to be obtained solutions are quite satisfactory.

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