Unarchiving into modules

In this work step, the principles of the solution obtained in the previous step to be combined so that the module structure.
The work is obtained:
The structure of module / Module Structure.
In contrast to the structure or function of the principle of the solution, the module structure of an early form of the intermediate solution into the system (sub systems) and parts (system elements).
Module structures are formed as the drawings, flow charts, circuit diagrams or flow charts of software (software flowchart) Giving shape to the module
On the steps of this work done to develop the design / layout of the module-modul.Ukuran-size geometry and other details of initially listed on the main modules, limited only to obtain the best modules.
The work obtained is:
Preliminary design of the main modules (key modules)
The initial design of the form: scale drawings, circuit diagrams and so forth. Giving shape to the entire module.
In this work a step preliminary design obtained in previous work steps enhanced by adding detailed information about the assembly and components used. Sometimes new modules can also be obtained in doing this work, after examination, for example, examination of the standard.
The work is obtained:
The overall design.

The design of all important information regarding the configuration of production operations.
Utamadari draft forms are: the scale drawings, a list of major components, flow charts instruments and so on.

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