List of desired

Before we reach the specs, we do not yet know the outlines of how the form of tables which is height adjustable work and what will be achieved in the presenceof the workbench.
Therefore drafted a list of the will. List will be listed initially randomly arranged in a systematic and ultimately included in a format called specifications.
The first phase collected ideas that you want, the situation is still not settled, the ideas are as follows:
a. Convenient to use the table.
b. Height adjustable desks.
c. Easily assembled and disassembled.
d. Saving space, the table does not take a lot of places.
e. Complementary components are easily replaced, compact and lightweight.
f. Manufacturing cost is not expensive.
g. In many manufacturing jobs.
h. Dependence on foreign technology to a minimum.
i. Can be made ​​in bulk.
j. Style and moments are used as efficiently as possible.
k. In try not too complex.
l. Operation is relatively easy.
m. Can be operated by one person.
n. Safe for users.
o. Easy maintenance.
p. Meet the criteria of beauty.
q. Can be developed as needed.
r. Easily moved, move it.
s. Dibengkel medium can be made.
t. If any damage can be repaired in place.
u. Framework must be sturdy.
v. Resistant to corrosion.
w. Materials are available in the country.

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