Working Table III abstraction

Abstraction III transforming quantitative data into qualitative data is important. A third of this abstraction, it can be concluded that the desired work table is:
a. A work table that can be raised-down.
b. proportional to size
c. convenient to use
d. Meet the criteria of beauty.
e. Manufacturing cost is not expensive. Abstraction Table IV Work
In the abstraction IV is a further step in formulating abstractions III into the more common form. IV is the result of abstraction that will be subject to desk-height scaled by the proportional size and comfortable to use and meets the criteria of beauty with an inexpensive manufacturing cost.

Work Table V Abstraction
On Abstraction V is a step to neutralize the whole problem with the task of formulating a free solution.
Abstract The results of Table V is working to meet the required standard by the industry.
3.2.4 Structure Function

The structure function is generally defined as the relationship between input and output of a system of techniques that will execute a particular task, while the overall function is the usefulness of a tool. Overall function is then decomposed into several sub-functions that have a lower difficulty level. So that the sub-function is a task that must be executed by the components that make up the tool. Concatenation of several sub function to run an entire task is referred to as the structure function.
The purpose of establishing the structure function is to obtain a clear definition of the existing sub-systems that can be described separately. Overall Function
This function is illustrated by a block diagram showing the relationship between inputs and outputs where the inputs and outputs in the form of a flow of energy, material and signal.

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