VDI 2221

Basically the main task of an undergraduate engineering (machine) is applied science (Scientific Knowledge) it to obtain a solution (solution for engineering problems), then develop the solution becomes the optimal solution for overcoming the constraints of material, technology and economics.
Therefore in order to fulfill the task of course required a pattern of thinking (acting) a systematic, creative work is formulated within the method. The use of such methods will help scholars in engineering circles to interact with other disciplines, jointly solve actual problems that exist surrounding.
Designing the means outlined ideas held to solve a problem.
With this idea we need a method that can be used to realize the idea was to produce a work of real and accountable which scientifically.
This prompted the German Association of Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure / VDI) makes a product design method, known as method VDI 2221. That method is "Systematic Approach to Design for Systems Engineering and Product Engineering" (Systematic Approach To The Design Of Technical Systems And Product) which are translated by G. Pahl and W. Beitz.
Within this paper the author tries to explain and describe the VDI 2221 to make it easier to understand, then to apply it to design an adjustable desk height.
2.3.1 The purpose of VDI 2221
Competition that occurs in making highly technical products and systems is determined by exact the use / effectiveness of the design process. Various requirements must be adjusted against the company, the market situation and development of technology.
These three kinds of criteria must be solved by a method / system design. VDI 2221, together with the principle - the general design principles that apply to the present form of a guideline / method that is not related to one particular branch of industry.
The aim is to formulate and direct the various design methods due to the rapidly growing research activities. It is expected that a user can quickly master this method without having to learn in detail.

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