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To improve competitiveness, quality and productivity, required the  presence of a research activity and development of new products. In the process of designing a product there was a comparison between the work that is routine and creative work in the exposition of ideas as in the image below.

Judging from the type, design of products is divided into several categories:

a) Selection design (design selection)
In this type, choose one item (or more) from a list a similar item. This is usually done when we have a product catalog. To start the design of this type we have to really know the functions and characteristics of an item and the need of tools designed. For example in the design desk box with required pipe size 30x30mm with a thickness of 2mm. These authors use the pipeline as a table leg (outer vertical pipe) to be assembled with the bottom of the table leg (inner vertical pipe) then we must choose exactly fit pipe box functions and characteristics.

b) Configuration design (design configuration)
In this type we assemble all the parts into one part of the whole based on the functions and characteristics. As an example of a writer's desk is designed consisting of an upper frame, lower leg, cable channels, modesty panels, longitudinal beam must be assembled into one piece that functions as a whole. In this assembly that is needed is a method of assembly that we call the design configuration.

c) Parametric Design (parametric design)
This type of design is to determine a quantitative scale that the parameters of the formation of a product. Suppose we want to design a cover frame on the desk at work table by using 0.8mm thick plates in order to obtain a stretch of the right materials, it is necessary to stretch the formula used:
In accordance with the completion we design, Rd, K and t that we want so so many combinations that we get. Here is a critical parameter.

d) Original design (original design)
Any design process that we do and had not been previously created will be named with the original design. Unlike the previous design type (selection, configuration and parametric), then this type of design is really something unique and new, which sometimes can not be represented by processes on other types.

e) Redesign (redesign)
The so-called re-design is something that has existed design. Most of the processes which occur in industry is process re-design of the prototype that was created earlier. But in its development process is not stagnant and sometimes an industrial holding improvements to meet market needs. Many examples of redesign products such as bicycles, motor vehicles, electronic equipment etc.

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